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Here at ASOFL, one of our main goals is to answer any questions you may have and to support your family. We require our client’s parents to come in and meet with their child’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), at least once per month, for parent conferences. Our BCBAs provide the clients with treatment plans that are specifically designed for each client, meeting each of their specific needs. The parent conferences are held to help discuss their children’s treatment plans as well as to discuss the client’s progress and show the goals they are currently working on. During this process, the BCBA is able to provide ways to address any behavioral issues, as well as answer any ABA-related questions you may have. Although our parents are allowed to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time, we especially encourage them to bring up any concerns they may have during this time.

What is ABA therapy?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based method used to improve or change specific behaviors. 

What age group do you provide ABA therapy to?

We are an early-intervention-based center and we provide ABA therapy to children aged 2-6 years old.

Is ABA therapy covered by insurance?

Yes, please refer to our insurance page to see which insurance we accept.


Does ABA therapy include speech and occupational therapy?

No, ABA therapy is separate from speech and occupational therapy. However, these therapies are complementary and each therapist usually collaborates to provide the best results for each child. 

Our speech services are provided VIA Telehealth by Elite Concierge Speech and Language Services LLC. If you have any further questions feel free to visit their website,, and occupational therapy is provided by Youngsters Occupational Therapy LLC, 



Does ABA therapy replace school?

Autism looks different with every child and some children may be higher functioning than others. Those who are higher functioning and portray appropriate behaviors, can graduate from ABA and enroll in school. This process is mainly up to the parents/caregivers. We do recommend that you provide your child with aid (for example enrolling them in ESE schools/courses) that will help them succeed in school settings. 



What do I need to have to get my child into ABA therapy?

To enroll your child in ABA therapy you will need to provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation completed by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or a neurologist. Your next step would then be checking your insurance to see if it covers ABA therapy. 

Do I have to wait for an ASD diagnosis before my child can receive services?

You don’t need to have a diagnosis of autism to benefit from ABA therapy. Some insurance companies may require a diagnosis of ASD in order to provide coverage for ABA therapy, so it is important to check with your insurance provider and the ABA company.

Do you take insurance for an ADOS?

No, we only accept cash, care credit, and credit cards. All credit card payments have a 4% processing fee. 

How long does the process take to start ABA therapy?

The process looks different at different centers. Here at ASOFL, our process begins once you come in for a private tour and usually takes approximately 8 weeks before your child will be able to begin their first day of therapy. 

What is the child-to-RBT ratio at your center?

Our ratio is 1:1.

How many hours of ABA therapy does my child need?

Hours may range depending on your child’s specific needs. Our clients are here anywhere from 30-37 hours per week.

Do you offer homeschooling and what does the onboarding process look like?

Yes, we do offer homeschooling. A certified teacher will create a specific lesson plan to fit each child’s academic needs.  

Can my child come in for homeschooling only?


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